DEBUG: set debugmode active via template, level: 10
DEBUG: version of plugin: 3.4.13
DEBUG: parser set via shortcode: twig
DEBUG: selected parser: twig
DEBUG: set method via template 9, method: curlget
DEBUG: set template via template 9:
DEBUG: set url via template 9: ””
DEBUG: set basenode via template 9:
DEBUG: active method: curlget
DEBUG: dynamic url allowed, pathparam: no pathparam defined, fileext: no fileext defined
DEBUG: JSON-url: ””
DEBUG: curloptions really used: ”CURLOPT_TIMEOUT
DEBUG: Caching is NOT enabled
DEBUG: postbody IGNORED, this is used only if WP-POST is selected as method:
DEBUG: Add Accept from plugin-options to header: Accept=application/json
DEBUG: curlGET: curl_setopt CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER (19913) with value 1
DEBUG: curlGET: curl_setopt CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION (52) with value
DEBUG: curlGET: invalid curl-authmethod, check plugin-options: CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER=x-rapidapi-key: MF5V2E1pzLmshnUxa7Y2yLFKFqY0p1ViQkOjsnwiUIdLsvFU3u
DEBUG: curlGET: curl CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER: application/json
DEBUG: curlGET: curl_setopt CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER (10023) with value Array ( [0] => application/json )
DEBUG: curlGET: curl-timeout: 5
DEBUG: curlGET: curl_setopt CURLOPT_TIMEOUT (13) with value 5
DEBUG: curlGET: option used from shortcode: ”CURLOPT_TIMEOUT
DEBUG: curlGET: &#8221
DEBUG: curlGET: key: &#8221 ()- value:
DEBUG: curlGET: key: CURLOPT_TIMEOUT (13)- value:
DEBUG: curlGET: key-value-pair for CURLOPT_TIMEOUT (13):
DEBUG: curlGET: curl_setopt CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS (13) with value
DEBUG: curlGET: setting of CURLOPT_TIMEOUT (13) to successful
DEBUG: error loading JSON: curlGET failed: Could not resolve host: &