My Honest NBN Review: Its Actually Not Crap!!

So many people complain about NBN and how bad it is. My opinion is totally different. I moved to a new estate in Western Sydney recently and connected to NBN for the first time. Here is my whole story…

1.) My builder has already provided a connection in my garage. So basically he connected from my garage to external NBN pit on the road

2.) I searched on internet about various NBN providers and compared price, reviews, connection time, fee, model requirement etc..

3.) I chose Launtel as my preferred provider due to following reasons..

  • 7 day free trial, so nothing to loose
  • Fast activation
  • No slowdown
  • Your own DIY portal
  • Free $25 account credit if you use a referral link to sign up. My referral link is here. Click here

4.) There are four steps to get connected in less than a hour..

  • Check your address (1 minute)
  • Setup user account (2 minutes)
  • Connect a service (1 minute)
  • Have a live connection (usually less than 20 minutes)

5.) I was connected on the same day. I had 7 days to trial and also $25 account credit to use so basically it was 21 days of free NBN for me.

6.) To trial the speed, I connected three different devices e.g. LED downstair, LED upstair, an iPhone and started youtube on all three devices. It was amazing speed for all three devices without any buffering.

7.) So basically, without providing my credit card, I got an opportunity to test the speed and connection. I was so happy on the first day itself that I decided to continue using it.

8.) Good thing about this is you can turn off the NBN when you do not need it and you do not have to pay for that day. For example, i went to Melbourne for 3 days and I turned off the NBN from my DIY login area. I did not have to pay for those three days. Another example is when I did not needed much internet in TVs during Monday, Tuesday so I kept using my mobile data and saved money on NBN. Isn’t this an amazing concept!!